Custom Paper Cuts from Julene

Custom Paper Cuts from Julene

Lily Gahagan
Jun 5, 2009

We love that inexpensive, versatile, and readily available paper has become the new medium of choice for so many talented artists, including our new fave Julene Harrison. Her amazingly detailed works of exacto-cut paper leave us awestruck, and now you can have one custom made just for you...

As Julene reminds us on her website, the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary is paper. We can't think of a better way to commemorate that occasion (or most other occasions, really) than with one of these amazing pieces. Starting at around $100, they're a true steal considering the amount of attention to detail, skill, and time each piece necessitates. You can ogle more of the artist's inspiring work at MadeByJulene. Via Divine Caroline.

(Images: Julene Harrison)

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