Custom Train Scrolls

In a recent post, we outlined some of the home trends we've been noticing. Among them we mentioned the proliferation of train scrolls we've seen popping up. We love this look but it can be hard to find one that reflects your own history, especially if you did not grow up in London, New York or some of the other major cities. Not anymore.

In our travels and inquiries, we stumbled across The Bailey Studio which produces custom destination signs to suit your own geographic territory. We think that these would be great in your home; rather than recreating a real bus route, we think it would be fun to have one that reflected important "stops" in your life -- the street you were born on, the street you went to school on -- or (with a nod to that day that's coming up) one that reflects important places in the history of your life with your significant other -- the street you met on, the street you had your first date on, the streets you each lived on when you met and when you were together. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a website for them but we did retrieve a phone number: 760.431.3691.