Custom Wooden Peg People

Custom Wooden Peg People

Richard Popovic
Sep 12, 2012

Little wooden people are great toys. Their shape just barely suggests the human form, which actually gives kids more room to improvise their uses and roles, as opposed to specific figures with defined parameters. Interestingly enough, this basic shape also makes them a perfect candidate for a custom paint job and wardrobe makeover.

Gina at The Daily B acquired these little guys and gals when they were on sale at a local craft store for 50% off. Some acrylic paint, a bit of scrap fabric and a coating of spray-on shellac brought them to life. The cool thing is she could customize them to resemble whoever she liked, and in this case she chose her two kids, of course.

They look so fresh and vibrant! Gina gets bonus points for saving a few to use as cake toppers for her kids' upcoming birthdays. Because if I was a kid, looking at a likeness of myself standing on top of a cake, I know I would be pretty psyched.

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(Images: The Daily B)

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