Customizing a Beautifully Minimal Android Screen

Customizing a Beautifully Minimal Android Screen

Gregory Han
Jun 26, 2012

As someone trying to learn the ins and outs of UI customization as an Android noob, I often find myself over at MyColorScreen to browse through the myriad of customized setups as inspiration. The site is extremely useful for sourcing applications specific to a certain UI tweak, such as this wonderfully uncluttered setup created with 5 apps/widgets...

At the heart of this Android customization is designer August Foreman's quartet of poster prints, all part of his Circumference series. A rotation of all four wallpapers is available using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper (free), combined with Ultimate Custom Clock and Nova Launcher (both free) to further minimize the graphical hodgepodge of a stock Android setup. Only WidgetLocker Lockscreen requires a $2.99 purchase, but there are other free lockscreen apps out there (I use GO Locker's iPhone slide option.

Here for full details and preview.

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