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Toronto Canada
Inspiration for my palette:
We live close to the lake so we take much of our colour inspiration from the blues and greys of the water and the sky. I think I adore turquoise so much because I'm a Pisces. But, mostly we just picked colours we liked.
Colors used in my room:
With the exception of a few accent walls, all of our home is painted a soft white as a foundational canvas. The anchor colours are in the blue-grey realm. We've added pops of Kelly green and lemon for fun. Touches of black and weathered gold are always included to ground the space and add a bit of elegance.
Tips for using color successfully:
I love using white as a backdrop because I change the feel of the room all the time. With a neutral backdrop it's easy to switch with the season by mixing up pillows, throws, accessories, or even an accent wall with a new shade of paint. A few other tips: -Mix old things with new: so the colours are authentic and original, as well as on trend and fresh -Change things up: you wouldn't wear the same outfit everyday -Oh, and one of the my favourite tips: always have flowers (the best colour inspiration is found in nature)
Confetti on White