I've Got Color! Contest: DM's Colors That Speak for Themselves

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Name: DM
Location: Boston Suburbs, MA

Why I use color:

"Why should not I? B&W looks good in old movies and nostalgic photos,
but not in my home. I am not good with words. So I let the visual
medium do the talking for me. It is nice every evening to walk into
a place that is bursting with welcoming energy. It took me 5 years
and a bad winter with a leaky roof, to finally get the place painted.
Each of the rooms and stairwells have different colors and I just
love it. [Some of you may recognize the table that I asked about
once. I went with round soft ottoman seating from BBB for now]"

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Color Tips:

"Do not be put off by what others say. You will be living there, not
them. Do not be afraid, you can always redo things. It is not end of
the world. If you are not sure about how to go about, just pick up some basics of combining colors from lots of good books out there then start with a color YOU LOVE.

Colors seem to look a shade different on the wall than they do on
the chips. Try it first.

If you are using a painter, try to get somebody who does the talking
AND painting. Often these are two different sets of people and the
results can be less than what you expect."

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Color Resources:

"I have some color books. But I find most of the inspiration from
travelling the city streets and lush country sides in season with
OPEN eyes. Always looking for "what makes" a thing beautiful to me.
Also looking at travel photo journals from exotic locales. I am
originally from India where colors are just different :-) when you
can get away from the dust and pollution!

Playing with the huge collection of color chips from all the paint
manufacturers has always been a great stimulation for me. Makes me
keep changing my mind every other day."

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