Dabney's Cure: Basement Progress

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

While you all were working in your kitchens, I made a good bit of progress on the basement this weekend. I wish there were pretty photos to show you, but really it's just a crumbling stone wall. Thankfully I know all of you all nerd out about this house stuff too...

1. But do you see what that is next to the crumbling stone wall? That's a sweet glimpse of nothing. In other words, that's where the drafting table used to be. A friend of mine needed a desk, and I needed my gutters cleaned, so we made a swap and everyone won.

2. Now, see that big pile of stuff right there? You might think it's that same pile of random boxes and trash that was here last week, but you'd be wrong. I donned some gloves and got rid of all the stuff lingering in the middle of the room. In its place is a pile of other random stuff that I'm getting rid of. All that's needed now is a trip to Goodwill.

3. And then last but not least, this shelving happened. These have been in pieces on the basement floor for a long while, and I finally got out the rubber mallet and went to town. While it looks clean in that side of the room, really everything is just shifted to make room for the new stacks. Organization comes later.

And do you know what that all is, my friends? That there is progress with a capital P.

(Image credits: Dabney Frake)