Dabney’s Cure: A Clean, Organized Basement

This was a squeaker and I just finished my basement reorganization - with one day to spare until the end of the month. Last time we chatted, I had stalled a bit. But this past weekend I busted a move and did a ton of more work in the dungeon. To refresh your memory, this is what it looked like before. Want to see what I got done?

The first thing I did was buy another dehumidifier for the north wing of the basement, and I am so glad I did. We set it up a few days before this last push, and it just feels so much drier down there, and smells less moldy and foul. If my lungs had lips they'd be kissing me right now.

I disassembled and reassembled all that wonky plastic shelving. So, they are a little more sturdy this time around. It’s still not ideal, but there’s a ton of it, and it just seemed stupid to get rid of it for not being perfect. Most importantly, it’s now positioned away from the crumbling walls, so stuff doesn’t have a thin layer of dust anymore. This is nice.

I’m still waiting for a couple more pallets for furniture, but my little army of chairs are all patiently waiting in the same spot, ready to go at a minute’s notice. At ease boys.

I used to run a business making handmade items, so I have a ton of fabric left over that I occasionally dip into for home projects. It’s been in plastic bags for a couple of years now, so I organized all of it on this handy-dandy baker's bread rack I’ve had for awhile. It’s the perfect thing for fabric. If I find that the fabric is getting dirty down here, I’ll just make some sort of cover for the rack. But for now, it’s great.

I also re-organized a bunch of stuff and tucked things away in plastic bins so they are safer from water and general icky-ness. It feels better knowing that my wedding photos, etc… aren’t in danger of becoming a big sopping mess.

One of those plastic shelving units now holds home necessities like paint and lightbulbs. I’ve never had a centralized place for this stuff, so this is big. No more buying an extension cord, then finding five more in the house within a week’s time.

The sink area is now clean and organized.

I created a designated area for tools and such, away from everything else, so sawdust doesn’t mingle with fabric and create fabric sawdust babies.

The metal chair bases are still here. And that’s all I want to say about that.

The other thing I didn't do is create basement shelving. After thinking of the dampness factor and the possibility of mold, and reading all of y’alls thoughts on the matter, I decided this wasn’t the best idea. (Instead I made this modern pegboard shelving system, which I’m pretty damn tickled with.)

The end result is a basement that no longer feels like it’s bursting at the seams. I know where to find things, and I also have peace of mind knowing that it’s all safe from rainwater. Done!


(Image credits: Dabney Frake)