Dabney's Cure: Basement Purge, Interrupted

Liveblogging The January Cure 2014

So activity in my basement has slowed to a grinding halt, thanks to a little procrastination on my part, along with some frigid temps here in Saint Louis. There's nothing like a little cold to make me huddle on the sofa in some fleece, surrounded by blankets, and watch the Australian Open on TV. Here's what I did manage to make happen...

Remember this pile? The lead photo is of that same pile in my workroom, just one level closer to my car. Wow. Progress.

What's in the pile? It's a pile of old industrial furniture, lighting and other bits and bobs.

We did score this large pallet, where I'll eventually store all my chairs. One of my neighbors is currently gutting his house, and we regularly wander over to his dumpster to see if there's anything salvageable in there. I know — fascinating times in the kingdom.

And just for journalistic integrity, here's the actual dumpster the pallet came from. Pretend this is breaking news coverage of the Bieber leaving jail, and you'll be much more excited.

It'll be warmer here this weekend, when I'll do another major push to get the basement clean and organized. Until then...


(Image credits: Dabney Frake)