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I've made tons of progress, and I'm starting to feel like the bulk of the crappy work is now behind me. I can't emphasize enough how much stuff was in that room, and how much time it took to get rid of everything. My car was filled to the ceiling on its trip to Goodwill, and I also gave a bunch away to friends. It felt SO GOOD to let go of it all. 

Otherwise, I've just been gathering lots and lots of options for the room. I'm not used to decorating all at once, so it feels weird to purchase a bunch of new stuff (versus vintage) all in such a concentrated period of time. 

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I'm still on the rug train. I'm happy with the patterned one I bought from RugsUSA; it's thick wool and feels substantial. But I added a black and white flatweave from World Market to the mix.

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I ordered some off-white sofa fabric, then re-ordered different fabric when my first choice was backordered. I went with a stain-resistant line from Calico Corners, which will hopefully withstand all the dog drool that's coming for it. The sofa got to the upholsterer a little late, so my fingers are crossed that it is done in time for you to see it. 

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I originally included this painting in my mood board - just as a stand in for some large-scale, graphic art - but I wandered into West Elm the other day and there it was, on sale. I've never bought mass-produced artwork before but, after an additional discount from the salesperson (a long story not worth telling), and some West Elm Design Dollars from the Florida condo project, it was free. Sold. I look forward to the day when I can tell people it's vintage West Elm. Ha!

And here are the rest of the purchases so far...
  • Tolix-style stools from Home Goods (no link online)
  • Very inexpensive sawhorse desk from Ikea
  • A bunch of throw pillows, like this one from World Market
  • A wire base table from Target
  • Seeing Spots fabric from Calico Corners
I still have some stuff to get - some plants maybe - and then some little things, but I'm mostly set when it comes to stuff. I can't wait to paint!

(Images: as linked above)

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