Dad's Book of Awesome Projects
by Mike Adamick

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects
by Mike Adamick

Carrie McBride
Jun 14, 2013

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects is Mike Adamick's personal crafty playbook. As a stay-at-home dad with a passion for making things with his daughter, Adamick has amassed a trove of projects across the crafty spectrum: from woodworking to sewing to painting to just plain gluing stuff. 

There are 31 projects in the book and the vast majority can be classified as quickish afternoon projects. Adamick is a firm believer in using basic, easy-to-find (or, even better, easy-to-find in your house) materials and he continually emphasizes that the focus should be on having fun, even if the result has a jury-rigged quality and won't be winning any beauty prize.

Here's a sampling of the projects, each introduced by Adamick with a personal memory or story that offers a glimpse into his childhood or his relationship with his daughter. Some of the bigger projects would be great for your summer bucket list while others are perfect for rainy day fun:

  • bicycle jump
  • tinker boardeggshell cupcakes
  • goo slime
  • bow and arrows
  • seesaw
  • superhero capes
  • circus stilts

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects is focused on the simple joys of childhood and the pleasure of spending quality time with your kids using your hands and imaginations. 

(Images: Carrie McBride)

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