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Centerville, OH
Inspiration for my palette:
The nursery is teeny - less than 10'x10'. I decided to try the design trick that I keep hearing about: paint the walls in a small room dark to make them recede. It worked! I think the pops of white, coral and raspberry look really fresh against the dark background. After I revealed the nursery on my blog, a few people commented that it followed that same color palette as my blog's design. I guess I'm on a dark navy/coral/white kick.
Colors used in my room:
Wall paint - Benjamin Moore Dark Pewter
Trim paint - Benjamin White Dove
Various coral and berry hues
Tips for using color successfully:
When I look at color schemes for a room I say to myself "Would I wear that?" If the answer is yes, there's a pretty good chance it's going to work.
Sweet Navy
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