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Dane and Leah
Portland, OR
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Though our apartment suffers a bit from old building syndrome (poor water pressure, only a few electrical outlets, and a random pipe in the bathroom that gets burning hot from 5-7 PM every night), an overwhelming sense of 'homey-ness' is felt in every corner of our studio thanks to the craftsmanship and details that are rarely seen in modern apartments. Our cove ceilings, icebox in the kitchen, and green tile bathroom floor not only make our place feel more unique, but also give us warm tingles in our hearts when we think of all the people in the past 90 years who called this place home. We also feel grateful that our home has simplified our lives. Shrinking our space was painful, but because we took the plunge, we have surrounded ourselves with pieces that we love, not just like. We only keep an item if it is essential to our apartment (no junk). We even sold our car and now walk, bus, or bike it. We get a rush from being neat and clean, something we battled with in our larger home.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
When we first decided to take the plunge and downsize from 850 square feet to 365, it seemed like an almost impossible task. We embraced that task wholeheartedly and began selling the majority of our earthly items and searching for the few perfect pieces to compliment our teeny tiny home, while also staying within our teeny tiny budget. We now sometimes refer to our place as the "Craigslist Kingdom" because every single piece of furniture, including our IKEA Expedit, was purchased on Craigslist. We started searching six months before our scheduled move, and finished about a week before. Our most expensive purchase was our incredible mid-century Japanese print sofa, at $150. We pored over thousands of ads to find exactly what we wanted, and our struggle has become our triumph!