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Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love that we were able to find one of those elusive NYC apartments that was rough around the edges but had amazing bones, and to work (and work and work!) toward making it our own. It's so gratifying to restore so many original details to a run-down space, and our very hands-off landlord situation has enabled us to really modify the space to fit our needs and our aesthetic. I also love the way it's come together with some very lucky thrift store/craigslist finds, including some pieces that I'd never be able to afford new. But mostly what I love about my home is that I get to share it with my boyfriend, Max, and our dog/model, Mekko.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
With two people, one dog, and absolutely no storage save for one small closet and six kitchen cabinets, this apartment has really challenged us to think of good storage solutions that won't make the space feel crowded or cost loads of money. We've done all the work ourselves, including installing huge wall-mounted bookshelves and an IKEA-hacked kitchen cabinet and countertop unit. The biggest challenge was probably our insanely long and narrow hallway (comprising 138 square feet alone!). In an effort to really utilize the awkward space, we've let it play double-duty by installing shallow storage cabinets near the door and treating the rest of it as a gallery space for our evolving art collection. Making it feel like an asset instead of an eyesore of wasted space was no easy feat!
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