Danish Design Company Rethinks the Speaker

Made by Makers, a Danish design agency, teams up with companies like Bang and Olufsen and Levis to create both real and concept products. The company recently held a three day internal workshop looking at ways to improve speakers. They came up with twenty new designs inspired by everything from old Mason jars to the Sydney Opera House.

The Wall Sticker Speaker Concept.
Designer’s comment: The idea is to allow a little DIY into the user’s speaker configuration without ruining the aesthetics. Each speaker-unit should be sold separately and connecting the units in different setups should be hassle free. Hence, “click-swap” fittings in which the cords are mounted are chosen for wall mounting. I especially like how it’s possible to make a hovering speaker. However, if someone chooses to buy only treble units we’d definitely have to design a subwoofer for the system.
The JamJar Speaker Concept
Designer’s comment: How would you like to reuse your glass jars as small speakers for your computer? Just replace the lid with the screw top speaker and bingo. There it is! Feel free to experiment with different jar shapes to obtain the sound that suits your ear. However, some sort of damping cushion should be inserted I guess. These should be available in a lot of different shapes and colours to further allow your speaker to be YOUR SPEAKER.
Concrete and acrylic coated with asphalt for improving the acoustics - sophisticated heavy-duty speakers.
Utzon's Sydney Opera House inspired speaker.
Portable MP3 speaker. Flexible hanger for sharing your favorite hits.
The PowerTool Speaker Concept
Designer’s comment: If someone wants building site aesthetics to enter the living room this is the chance. The rigid frame allows flexible positioning and changes the speaker’s perception as a static object to something that can and should be moved around to accommodate different use situations.
Tactile music for hearing impaired. The ball pulses in time with the music, adding an extra feature for your senses.
Calatrava. A manifestation of high-tech technology and engineering.
via TFTS Images: Made By Makers