Danish House Tour: In the Lap of Luxury North of Copenhagen

Name: Anonymous

Location: Holte, Denmark (suburb north of Copenhagen)

Size: 2000 square feet, 3 bedroom home

Years lived in: 2 years

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While Denmark takes pride in its economic homogeneity, once in a while one finds striking differences. This family of five has a bit more--even after being taxed at 70%--and makes the most of it in a stunning turn of the 20th Century home. Apparently, 300 years ago, their neighborhood was the stomping ground and vast gardens of the Queen's mistress....

The house is exquisite and has been preserved to reveal its original details. The back of the house, with the kitchen and living room is part of an addition that works to match the majestic qualities of the rest of the house but with additional modern features and conveniences.

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