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Green style guru Danny Seo shared his summer style with us:

Sun or Shade?: Brighter the better. Stare-at-the-sun-free-lasik bright.

The Color of Summer 2010: It's all about shades of white: sandy, creamy, milky, bleached, white, white white.

All Time Favorite Vacation:

I think it's a toss-up, but I would say Rancho la Puerta in Tecate, Mexico is up there. Tranquil, healthy, and quiet, like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Been there several times and I feel like it's the only place I focus on myself and get myself back on track. Think of it as a really nice rehab where the worst thing people are battling are their blackberry addictions.

Rancho la Puerta

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Most Refreshing Summer Drink:

Found a new one: pineapple juice, coconut water, vodka over ice.

Planted In The Garden This Year:

A Sun Chips biodegradble chip bag. Seeing how long it takes to actually biodegrade. 14 weeks? Let's see what it looks like in September!

Sun Chips biodegradble chip bag

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Essential Summer Song for Party Playlist:

I think the only thing you should hear is the sound of the ocean, at night, from your balcony at a hotel with a cold glass of anything intoxicating in your hand. .

The Sound of the Ocean

Best Book in Beachbag:

I'm writing a new crafts book coming out next year, so all I'm reading are arts and crafts books: The Big Ass Book of Crafts, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts and a stack of back issues of every craft magazine you can think of. Yeah, it's work: kill me.

The Big Ass Book of Crafts
Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

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Thanks, Danny!

To celebrate the start of Summer, Apartment Therapy has asked some of the most stylish people we know to answer a few survey questions on how they enjoy the season.
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