Danny Seo: May 11, 2011

Danny Seo: May 11, 2011

Maxwell Ryan
May 31, 2011

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• What: Apartment Therapy Design Evenings
• May Guest: Danny Seo
• Apartment Therapy Design Evenings: Meetup
• Attendance: 262

This month we were greeted to the Meetup once again by Ken Pilot, Executive at ABC Carpet & Home. We learned that ABC Kitchen, the newest restaurant within the ABC family, has just won the "Best New Restaurant in the U.S." award from the James Beard foundation. Bravo! The "farm to table" initiative is making this restaurant a hit with its patrons, and how truly fitting that Danny Seo, environmental lifestyle expert, is here with us tonight to further represent these beliefs.

Tonight we are kicking off a two-day Meetup series, leading up to this weekend's ICFF trade show. This furniture fair is a worldwide event, held right here in NYC. We thought it would be the perfect time to try a double-header.
Before we get to tonight's main event, we'd like to kick off the evening honoring students from Pratt. We have two students who will be presenting their products this evening. We are very honored here at Apartment Therapy to bring new and emerging designers to our readers - please welcome the first presenter, Lara Knutson.

Ann Stepanek, Maxwell and Lara Knutson


Lara Knutson:
• Lighting & Jewelry

I am a recent graduate of Pratt's Masters in Industrial Design program. My jewelry is made of a reflective glass fabric which I created. You can find it in the MoMA store as well as other locations. I give each store a small microscope so that consumers can look closely at the fabric and see the glass.
In this first slide, you can see some of my products and process - the lower right image is a product that was given to the Corning Institute.

In the next slide, you see what looks like a pendant light, but there is actually no light bulb in this pendant. The LED light reflects off the material to make it look like a pendant light. You can also see a rainbow within some of the reflections in the other items. I will be featuring some of this work at a show at The Future Perfect this Saturday from 8-10pm. Please stop by if you get a chance.

Ann Stepanek:
• Lotus Table

I am also a recent graduate of Pratt's Masters in I.D. program. I would like to share with you my Lotus Coffee Table, which is created from three identical wood panels that come together at a 90 degree angles. It is designed to be very easy to assemble, and can be flat-packed for shipping.

In this next slide, you can see a bit of my design process. Sometimes inspiration takes us in different directions - after a visit to a metal extrusion manufacturing facility, I collected some souvenirs (shown on the left) that helped inspire a new direction for the table I was designing. I am working with a company that I found through a competition to get the table manufactured.

Our guest tomorrow evening is a Pratt alum as well, a lot of great designers have come from there. Overall, we're just thrilled to be able to feature up and coming designers, online and offline here at our Meetups. Connecting people with products with people who can manufacture or sell those products is one of our missions. Also, having just come from the Milan show, I've seen how little we do to support design in the U.S., and we hope we can help turn that around wi