Dark, Dreamy Kitchens & Baths

Dark, Dreamy Kitchens & Baths

Sarah Coffey
Mar 12, 2010

In a small space, dark walls and cabinets can create a very cozy, cave-like feeling. The deeper the color, the more dramatic the look. If you happen to be drawn to dark rooms, we've rounded up a few elegant examples of kitchens and baths painted in deep blues, blacks, browns, and grays.

1 Graham & Brown Midsummer Wallpaper
2 Jen and Rob's Gothic Bungalow
3 City Apartment by Phoebe Howard
4 Kitchen by Miles Redd
5 Gwenyth Paltrow's Home from House & Garden

6 Gwenyth Paltrow's Home from House & Garden
7 Bellinter House Hotel
8 North End Contemporary Renovation
9 London Urchin's Jewel Box Kitchen
10 Graham and Brown Contour Puzzle Wallpaper

How to Go All Black in the Bathroom

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