Darling Detail: 6 Cute Indoor or Outdoor DIY Projects for Home

Looking for a little craftyness to tackle this weekend that would work inside your home, but maybe also look smashing outdoors on a patio or porch? We've got a handful of projects that could easily work well in or outside the home.

Pictured above: This upcycled leather lantern would look gorgeous illuminating an outdoor area, but would look pretty neat inside as wall sconces you wouldn't need an electrician for. Seen on Northstory.

If you love the look of long modern metal succulent planters (but don't love the price tag) you might like this DIY project that mimics the look in a thrifty way, great for a covered patio or an indoor dining table. Seen on Ciburbanity. (Maybe don't leave this in areas that will get heavy rain though).

Need some more ideas for fancying up indoor or outdoor planters (especially those cheap plastic planters most plants come in)? This bold idea seen on brepurposed.

These little concrete and branch mushrooms are cute and creative. Would add a fun detail in planters inside or out. Seen on Johanna Rundel.

This simple DIY spotted on thrifty below is a great way to add burlap to an indoor or outdoor tablescape.

Another planter makeover project for indoors or out involves more burlap, creating a rustic look. Seen on Amy Krist (maybe not leave this project out in the rain either).

What are items that you use both indoors and out at your house? Any objects you DIYed? Let us know in the comments below?

(Image credits: Northstory; Ciburbanity; brepurposed; Johanna Rundel; thrifty below; Amy Krist)