Datamancer's New Keyboard: For the Scrabble Fan in All of Us

Datamancer's New Keyboard: For the Scrabble Fan in All of Us

Range Govindan
Jan 19, 2009

We've always been fans of Datamancer's custom keyboards. Most of his designs are Steampunkish, but recently, he's come out with a new twist on a popular board game. There is something about keyboards that is really interesting. Maybe it's because a lot of people use them daily to input data into a computer. We are always searching for the best keyboards, and they aren't always easy to find. There is a balance between form and function. Just because a keyboard looks good doesn't mean that it works well. We have to say that this keyboard is one slick looking number.

Datamancer is known for his Steampunk designs. For his latest keyboard, he used Scrabble pieces. What I really like about this keyboard is that it uses wood, and we all know that wood is good. It's a great sustainable organic material that just works well. The keyboard that he designed received an overwhelming response, so much so that he's planning on creating a few more for sale. This keyboard was commissioned by a couple of his friends from New Jersey. Needless to say that they are avid Scrabble players. As such, most of the keys are made from real Scrabble tiles. It's USB compatible. Datamancer used a brushed aluminum casing.

We don't know what Hasbro thinks of this keyboard, but we love it. It's one of those things that would work really well, even if Datamancer hadn't used Scrabble tiles. Even though Datamancer's keyboards cost a fair bit of money, these things are lovingly handcrafted. Most of his creations sell out pretty quickly, so get your order in if you want one! [via Make and Datamancer]

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