Maxwell Ryan
Feb 21, 2007


That cable
is how much? Maybe we're skeptical or maybe we're just too cheap to pay $200 for an 8 foot HDMI cable. Granted, going to the local Best Buy will give you a few different options when it comes to HDMI (or any other) cables but it's pretty much a guarantee that the salesperson will recommend the high end Monster Cable when you buy your $89 DVD player.

Thankfully, a quick search brought up Datapro. This Seattle based company does not have the prettiest or most easy to navigate website, but what they do have are well priced cables for all your audio video needs in multiple standard lengths as well as the ability to create custom lengths if needed.

For example, an 8 foot HDMI Monster Cable at Best Buy is $219.99. A 10 foot HDMI cable at Datapro... $35.00. I suggest calling Datapro directly if you are looking to purchase cables. We found their customer service to be very knowledgable and fast. Upon ordering a custom wall plate and associated cables, notification was sent 2 hours later that the order had shipped.


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