Good Book: David Hicks, Designer

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David Hicks designed some gorgeous rooms that resonate today for their full on color, embrace of pattern and mix of antiques and modern pieces.

Looking at photos of his work creates an odd, interesting sensation - there are clues that the photos are of a certain vintage (the electronics, for example) yet so many of his ideas are back again in vogue, the rooms seem almost current.

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Written by David's son, Ashley Hicks, the book titled David Hicks:Designer features over 200 photos of his work and they are super dramatic. A strong blast of color, pattern, high end spaces, artwork, "tablescapes", furniture and gorgeous carpets. It's jampacked with inspiration.

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Available from Barnes & Noble ($55, members $44.).

Images from the David Hicks archive through

(Re-edited from a post originally published 12.11.06)

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