#18 - David & Katy's Port Authority Pad

Name: David & Katy
Location: Seriously, 1 block from the bus station (43rd & 9th) NYC
Size: 390 sq. ft. Studio

Favorite resource:

39th St. b/tw 7th&8th Aves for fabric, eBay store The Silk Bedroom for charmeuse bedding (and cheap!)

What inspired you?

This is a rental, and though we¹re inspired by color, we¹re not allowed to paint. So we do what we can with fabric. We hired a carpenter off Craig¹s List to make floor-to-ceiling wall panels (aka frames) that we covered in different varieties of silk.

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...The chairs (formerly brown and covered in brown and orange vinyl) cost $5 each from a Pennsylvania Salvation Army (ditto for all of the mirrors) and were spraypainted white and covered with yellow taffeta. The reflective highboy is a display case (eBay this time) treated with Looking Glass Mirror-like paint.

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Design Tip:

Industrial things keep the whole thing from looking too fussy‹the deco-ish bedside lamp and the pronged rack in the kitchen are made entirely out of used bike parts, both bought at a Tucson auction to benefit anti-sprawl bike initiatives. Oh, and we¹re constantly getting rid of things.

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