David's Andersonville Apartment on Craigslist

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Dave sent us an email - he is planning a move from his Andersonville apartment. He's a designer, so along with the new place will come new decor, naturally. Heather's already listed the goods in this morning's Scavenger but we have a little more info and some offers for AT readers to pass on from Dave.

"On Craigslist, there's a boat load of my furniture for sale. Since I love apartment therapy so much....I would give anyone who views your website ten percent off."

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"If someone completely loves my place I would help them design their place, using a bunch of my furniture but also helping to fill in missing gaps. Gratis (well, except for buying the furniture).

Also, I would love to find a new housemate to live happily with. I detest living by myself....i like activity around me. Do any of your readers want to live with a neurotic, tidy, well coiffed fellow with piles of amazing crap? April 1st move in or something close to that. I want to return to the land of east lakeview (yay bars)."

Good luck with the sale, Dave!

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