David's Big Style in a Small Space

House Call

Name: David
Location: Castro — San Francisco, California

My husband and I moved to SF in 2008 for his job, and left behind our sweet 3-bedrom 1950's Eichler-esque house in Austin. We found a great 1-bedroom in the Castro, and have had fun editing-down our vintage furniture and art collections to fit into this much-smaller space.

That editing process has meant letting go of some gems, but has helped us prioritize and refine what we keep. Our focus has been a balance of furniture from the 50's-80's mixed with found-amateur-art and art-by-friends.

PS: I've been a vintage dealer since 2001, and opened Room 4 on Valencia within 6 months of moving to SF. Hunting for the store is full-time, and great finds sometimes make their way home with me.

Thanks, David!

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