Day 10: Make List of Top 6 Home Needs

The 20/20 Home Cure

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Today's Assignment

Today we finish in under twenty minutes as we only need to make a list on a piece of paper (or on your computer if you wish) of those top six things around your home that you'd really like to get done. This combines a few ideas from the first three chapters of The Eight Step Home Cure and boils them all down to their essence: when you write something down, you make it real and it will happen.

Go for it, and have a great weekend!

Quote of the Day

From Mrs.Mack: "Also, I used to dread Cure posts showing up in my inbox after the first week or so, since I'd fall behind right away. But this season I find myself looking forward to them, and checking my e-mail frequently to see if the next one's shown up yet! :)"

Mentioned in the Video

The Year in Bed Project is a small project in which I am sleeping on a different bed each month for twelve months in order to discover the perfect bed - which I then hope to buy. You can read the first posts here.

>> The Year in Bed Project Index

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