Day 11: Clean One Room

The 20/20 Home Cure

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Today's Assignment

Today signals the beginning of our third week together, and our third opportunity to clean up one room from top to bottom. Today I chose the bedroom, and Rebecca urged me to put on a little more Mr. Roger's style, so I did. But I also turned my BIG CLEAN today into a dance party. This is a fun way to clean. Put on some of your favorite tunes, turn up the volume and get crazy for 20 minutes!

To help you, here are a few links to some of our favorite playlists.

House Music: a playlist for cleaning
Top 30 Albums for a Dinner Party (check the cocktail and after section)
Precisely One Hour of House Cleaning Music
Top 10 House Party Albums from DJ Intel
House Music: Lily Allen
House Music: Sara Bareilles

What's yours??

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