Day 3: Arts & Crafts Supplies

Day 3: Arts & Crafts Supplies

Carrie McBride
Aug 24, 2011

Art Materials
Craft Supplies
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Welcome back to the 7-Day Toy Cure! A few more readers shared photos of their cure-in-progress on the group Flickr page including SarahorNicholas (left) who has added a few large items to her Outbox and EmeraldSkye325 (right) who showed her son's tidy toy area. Thanks guys! Let's see some more everyone!

Assignment #3:

The first two days of the Cure we focused purely on toys and, hopefully, you were able to complete the mission of weeding through all the toys in your home (round of applause!). Today's focus is just on art materials and craft supplies. I must admit, when I took out my son's supplies ("stylishly" housed in shoe boxes) I was embarrassed at how little attention I've given this area of his play and creativity. For so long I thought he was too little to do much more than use crayons, markers, play dough and glue sticks. He brings home great art projects from daycare and I can tell he loves making things so when I've completed the Toy Cure I'll be remedying this.

But for now the mission is to go through your arts and crafts supplies and start adding some to your Outbox. What you are looking for:

• Things that are broken
• Things that are used up (dried-up markers, crayon bits, empty glue bottles)
• Things that aren't getting used

Because my own arts and craft supplies are admittedly meager and pathetic, I wanted to share this space with you for inspiration:

Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning (recently interviewed about her book) shared her daughters' play space with us a few years ago and I've never forgotten it. Read the post to see more organized areas of this space including the activity shelf and writing center.

Use the comments to chat with each other and ask questions! Good luck and see you tomorrow!

(Images 1 & 2: Carrie McBride. Image 3: Mariah Bruehl)

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