Day 8: Establish a Landing Strip

The 20/20 Home Cure

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Today's Assignment

Today I want us all to think about the biggest weapon you can have when fighting for order in your home- The Landing Strip. Part filter, part strategy for entering your home, you can either work toward the three main elements today (coat hook, door mat, Landing Strip) or you can simply establish a Landing Strip routine for the setup that you already have. As you will see in the video, our setup is very adapted for our small space. Feel free to adapt yours as necessary.

I've included pics of reader setups and a few helpful products to get you thinking. These didn't fit into our big feature up top, so we've separated them out below. Enjoy!

Musical Tip for Today:

>> Coldplay - Paradise

Bonus Clip with Examples for Readers

A Really Nice Landing Strip I Recently Discovered

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>> Stanley Console by Gus Modern

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