Dealing with the Television

Dealing with the Television

Regina Yunghans
Sep 24, 2009

The television is the bane of many otherwise well-thought-out living spaces. The problem is compounded when you're dealing with tight spaces, as every little move packs a punch in a small apartment. Here, we take a look at some successful television layouts from Apartment Therapy House Tours...

1: Glorily and Jeremy's Evolving Wicker Park Victorian
2: Lance & Harry's Merged Mini Masterpiece
3:Cassandra's "Flea Market Edgy" Abode
4: Diana and Mark Create a Home for Creating
5: Ben's Mid-Century Mecca

6: Maxime Masters a Rental
7: Jay's Chelsea Renovation
8: Tara's Tiny San Francisco Hodge-Podge

Each of these restrains from putting full focus on the television while still allowing comfortable viewing when desired. It's a tough balance to strike, and the subject comes up a lot in discussions of arranging living rooms. Most of the solutions in these examples rely simply on placement to de-emphasize the TV.

Have you had success with this in your own home? Please share any advice in the comments below!

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