ListPic Update: Craig Explains

ListPic Update: Craig Explains

Jun 14, 2007

Readers have been ruing the demise of ListPic, a favorite resource for trolling craigslist visually.

Why? craigslist recently cut Listpic's access to its data stream, angering the many users who'd become addicted to its visual interface.

Rather fond of ListPic ourselves (we blogged it here), we decided to ask Craig himself what the deal was. He emailed us (and by extension, the AT community), writing:

The listpic technology was taking a lot of bandwidth from our servers making it harder for the vast bulk of people who visit our site. The listpic people are aware of this and other issues, which they do not disclose. Perhaps they should also explain their attempt to monetize our site, and the other similar issues. Meanwhile, my guys are working on an alternative, but no ETA.


(The full story is here, in a Wired update.)

As the AT:SF Scavenger always says, thanks Craig!

Image: Monterey County Weekly

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