Decanter & Tumbler by Ted Muehling for Lobmeyr

Decanter & Tumbler by Ted Muehling for Lobmeyr

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 22, 2008

Spotted this at Ted Muehling's store recently: a small decanter with a dimpled glass that fits perfectly atop. It's part of his first collaboration with Lobmeyr glassworks of Vienna, and the results are pretty remarkable (and definitely not for families with active children). The glass itself is called "muslin glass" and is crystal blown to a thickness of only .7- 1.1 mm. This stuff is t h i n....

Ted Muehling's contribution has been to create a line of glass - Drinking Set No. 279 - that covers a broad line of glasses and decanters, all of which have beautiful alternating curves (convex and concave), many of which are engraved with oversized monograms and enamel paintings small insects. While our eye was caught by the plain version up top, we can see the appeal of these whimsical designs. If you like glassware, this will put you in pig heaven.

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