December Box Lamp Dimmer by Mark Williams

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Here's something to stretch your wallet: a solid brass dimmer that turns your lamp up and down with perfect gradation, and it only costs $500. Price aside, this is truly a beautiful object and who would have known that after seeing one, we'd fetishize it and actually w-a-n-t one....

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Designed by Mark Williams (Pratt grad and Bklyn native), who founded December Box, we saw this dimmer at BDDW down our street and then went and looked it up online. Again, price aside (we'll never have one of these), we find the design really interesting and the concept of paying so much beautiful attention to lowly pieces of machinery inspiring. Good design is surprising like this.

"Oil finish on a patinated brass housing, with cloth-woven cords, this fixture is suitable for any desk or table top. Hand-wired with both male and female receptacles, this full range dimmer functions with nearly all incandescent lamp configurations (up to 300W max) and many halogen systems as well. Plug and play."

You can check out Mark's other creations at his website:

>> December Box

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