Sep 6, 2007

Inspiration and motivation. Those are two things that we need a lot of when it comes to decluttering the house. So, with the Fall Cure kicking off next Monday, we decided to turn to Martha Stewart for great ideas and inspirational photos. And, it was like she knew what was on our minds, as one of the first articles that popped up on her website was: "100 Reasons to Get Rid of It." (AT:Chicago also blogged about the list when it ran in the April/May issue of Blueprint, but this seems like a great time to review it again.)

Here are just some of our favorite reasons:

Because Someone Else Needs It
Match your household items with a local non-profit's wish list.
Furnish homes for disaster victims.

Because It Will Make Your Life Better
50. Getting rid of clutter will reduce housework by 40 percent.
53. Around 23 percent of people pay late fees on bills they cannot find.

Because You Can Get Something Back
Trade the books you have for the ones you want.

Because You Don't Want to End Up Like Them
88. The family in the documentary "Packrat"
89. The Bronx, New York, man who, in 2003, was trapped in his home under an avalanche of books and newspapers for two days before being rescued.

Because If They Said It, It's Probably True
92. "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." -William Morris

You can view the entire list here. Then start letting go.

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