Decor Inspiration: Rooms with Murals

Decor Inspiration: Rooms with Murals

Nancy Mitchell
Feb 21, 2016
(Image credit: Peter Kragballe)

Whether you're living in an Italian Palazzo or a modern American home, nothing makes a room quite like a full-wall art installation. If you're not convinced, check out these eleven gorgeous examples of rooms where murals completely steal the show.

Above: A pastoral scene transforms a room from Peter Kragballe.

(Image credit: SF Girl by Bay)

Story panels in an 18th century French home spotted on SF Girl by Bay.

(Image credit: Bolig)

A floral mural adds color and depth to a modern kitchen from Bolig.

(Image credit: Inside Out)

This mural, from Inside Out Magazine via Poppytalk, is the creation of French artist Claire Basler.

(Image credit: The Makerista)

The blogger from The Makerista added a country scene to a panel in her dining room.

(Image credit: Rebel Walls)

This bedroom from Rebel Walls is the next best thing to sleeping in the great outdoors.

(Image credit: Assemble Papers)

A mural adds a little idyllic magic to a bedroom spotted on Assemble Papers.

(Image credit: Builder)

This mural, in a room from Builder via Camille Styles, would be a nice thing to wake up to every morning.

(Image credit: Little Green Notebook)

A DIY mural in a bedroom from Little Green Notebook.

(Image credit: Freunde von Freunden)

A black and white wall mural livens up a family dining room spotted on Freunde von Freunden.

(Image credit: The Jungalow)

And finally, a jungle-themed mural from, appropriately, The Jungalow.

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