Decor Style Quiz at Sproost

Decor Style Quiz at Sproost

Janel Laban
Feb 20, 2009

Here's a little friday afternoon diversion for the decor obsessed! We just took a fun decor style quiz at Sproost. It's very visual - you simply take a look at a series of photos of interiors and give your reaction to each ranging from hate to love... it analyzes your style based on your answers. After taking the quiz, it said my personal style was a pretty evenly split mix of Vintage Modern, French Eclectic and Modern Elegance.

I could then read a blurb explaining each of the styles in more detail and then it gave me the chance to check out a sort of "style tray" of items that are recommended for my style mix.

Check it out right here at Sproost.

Via: How About Orange

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