Decorating Trend: Charred, Burnt & Blackened Wood

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New year, new trends, am I right? This week June showed you how to create a Shou Sugi Ban-style wall, and it looks like she’s not the only one with burnt lumber on the brain. This charred technique is definitely a darker cousin of reclaimed wood, but is it too bleak and imposing, or appropriately bad ass?

Here are ten pieces that embrace a blackened look:

  1. Pine commode cabinet from Moran Woodworked Furniture
  2. Stump stool from Bleu Nature
  3. Pala stool from iam design
  4. Double wall hanging from Woodshed Production
  5. Part burnt part ombre from Moran Woodworked Furniture
  6. Table from Danish designer Valentin Loellmann
  7. Coat rack from Studio Baag
  8. Cypress wood stool from Aldo Valdés Böhm
Think we'll see more of this, or is it a flash in the pan?

(Image credits: Dabney Frake)

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