Decorating with Chibi: Decor from a Chinchilla's Perspective

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It's been something of a tough week for me, and perhaps it has been for you as well, so it seems like an appropriate time for a fun exercise. Usually I write about human decor, but for today, I'm going to try to get inside the mind of my pet chinchilla to see what kind of decor he would prefer. Join me if you feel like a bit of silliness.

Before we get started, Chibi wants to you to know a few things about him. He's a Scorpio, and he detests long walks in the rain. Instead, he prefers dust baths, since the dust absorbs all the oil from his fur. His family emigrated to the U.S. from the Andes Mountains, and he likes to keep in touch with his heritage. He's a vegetarian, and he has strong feelings against the Atkins diet. Hay and pellets made of grain meal are his foods of choice, although he does indulge in the occasional raisin. His hobbies include chewing on wood, nibbling on wood, and gnawing on wood. 

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Chibi's Design Philosophy:

Given that he's colorblind, Chibi is pretty versatile in terms of color palette, and rainbow hues suit him just as well as neutral ones. Having once had a literal run-in with an oversized mirror, he detests the use of reflective surfaces. Mirrors, lacquer finishes, and acrylic are right out, as they can be difficult to maneuver around. 

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Chibi much prefers the use of natural materials. He finds plastic difficult to digest, in both a literal and aesthetic sense. Wood and stone surfaces are his preferred materials, but from time to time, he likes to cozy up to a cool metal piece. Given his hatred of plastic and transparency, the Starck Ghost Chair would be the epitome, to his mind, of a design "don't."

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Where some people are averse to vertically oriented architecture, Chibi greatly prefers multi-level living. Give him a high-rise over a ranch-style house any day. He's lived in some pretty small spaces, but as long as his home has high ceilings, he's never really minded. 

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For Chibi, the bedroom is the most important room of the house, and the height of luxury is deliciously soft bedding. He's never really understood the obsession with Egyptian cotton though, and he's much more willing to splurge on some nice pine or aspen shavings. 

And last but not least, he insists on air conditioning. He's a creature of refined tastes, and he knows how to maximize his best asset: his luxurious fur coat. Given that it drives the ladies wild, he wears it year round, which means that he needs cool temperatures at all times. Sometimes a nice tile floor can provide the brisk ambience that he requires, but there's nothing quite like a nice air conditioned breeze in the summer.

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(Images: 1. Inhabitat, 2. Carolyn Purnell, 3. Versailles 3D, 4. DWR, 5. Apartment Therapy, 6. Melissa Leong via Apartment Therapy)

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