Decorating with Kites

Decorating with Kites

Janie Lee
Mar 13, 2008

We're on the cusp of Spring. Although illogical, we can't help but feel as though welcoming some outdoor and traditional Spring images indoors will help the warm weather along. A great and inexpensive idea to spruce up a play area or child's bedroom is to decorate with kites.

We are still inspired by this photo we spotted last summer. To get a quick injection of color and dimension, consider this beautiful handmade nylon butterfly kite we found. It's swooping silhouette is stretched over a bamboo frame. $19.99 here.

If you need something a bit smaller, try one of these mini dragon or butterfly kites for $9.99 each.

We just ordered this paper dragonfly kite from Pearl River Mart (currently out of stock).

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