Bringing a bit of the outdoors inside is a great way to liven up a space, but what to do when you have a black thumb? Decorate with natural elements that don’t require the care of a houseplant, of course.

1. Thistle Mound, $55 via Flores Del Sol on Etsy

2. Driftwood Peace Sign, $150 via Madera del Mar on Etsy

3. Crystal and Mineral Stone Collection, $85 via Stone and Violet on Etsy

4.  Birch Bark Table Lamp, $75 via Log and Iron on Etsy

5. Stoneware Walnut Shells, $16 via Made by Manos on Etsy

6. Driftwood Chandelier, $260 via Marza on Etsy

7. Moss Mound in Terra Cotta $35 via Flores Del Sol on Etsy

8. Sea Urchins, $13.50  via a Fisherman’s Wife on Etsy

9. Whitetail Antlers $16.50 via Shady UFO Studios on Etsy

10. Paper Wasp Nests $9 via Little Red Boho Barn on Etsy

(Images: as Linked Above)