My grandparents had tons of knickknacks that filled their home but only a few items stand out to me now (and carry fond memories of my time spent with them). In particular, a pair of framed travel prints (gifts from our grandfather's tenure at Federated Insurance) are now displayed proudly in my home.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Travel prints from my grandparents home

The prints are picturesque cityscapes of Miami and San Francisco and as a child, I often dreamed of what these towns held for a visitor. As an added layer of appeal, the drawings were from the 1960s/1970s (and from my viewpoint at the time, the images felt exotic and story like). Attempting to recreate these feelings, I've rounded up a handful of prints, glassware and home decor that might just add a touch of vintage, travel-themed whimsy to your own home.

Top Row
1. Vintage Postcards, Shop at Geris; $10
2. Biplane Print on Old Dictionary Page, Mechanicality; $9
3. Vintage Set of Four Airplane Glasses, Jaanas Vintage; $19.99
4. Vintage Aviation Coffee Mugs, Mary Beth Hale Vintage; $48
5. Blue line archival print with 12x12 mat, ariyamastudio; $45

Bottom Row

6. Set of 3 American Tourister suitcases in off-white, el ritmo retro; $75 (Had to include a set of vintage luggage. Not only do they inspire me— they have a handful of uses).
7. First Automobiles Old Vintage Plates set of 4, Something Just For You; $20
8. Vintage 1950s Chevrolet Corvette Postcard, Myra Melinda; $3.99
9. Vintage Automobiles (13x19 Print), Turn of the Centuries; $28
10. Burnout, Fold Four; $50