Extra Pillows in Kids' Rooms: Decorative or Dustcatchers?

We've discussed at length the benefits and downfalls of all those decorative pillows. But I'm wondering whether or not you have decorative pillows for your kids' rooms. I'm not talking Pillow Pets or the like, but actual pillows that are merely for decoration, whether they're on the bed or in a chair. Give us the deets!

We rounded up some attractive kid pillows that you might want to try, should you use these pillows in a nursery or child's room. But would you? Are they merely dust catchers, or something to move around? Or do you let your kids sleep with them, or on them? I've noticed that many don't have removable cases which makes washing them more labor intensive.

1. Your Family Pillow, $134.
2. notNeutral Apples Pillow, $50.
3.(a + b) + c = Throw Pillow (Blue/Orange), $29.
4. Jonathan Adler Junior Lion Pillow, $38.
5. DwellStudio Kids Boudoir Pillow Meadow, $36.

(Images: as linked above)

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