Decorators & Home Organizers for Budget Job in Brooklyn?

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Q: We are moving in to a new construction building in Brooklyn that is smaller than our present space and I'm feeling incredibly anxious I will quickly turn this nice clean space into the (albeit sometimes charming) disaster that our present apartment frequently is. My boyfriend and I have read Maxwell's book and loved it, but have had a tough time applying the advice. And it is clear that the two of us are the weak link on that front.

I am also though feeling a bit afraid of decorators per se as I don't have the budget that most decorators I hear about require. However, I really want to do our best to keep this new space nice and an enjoyable place to call home.

Could you recommend decorators / home organizers to anxious, disorganized readers about to move and who are worried (terrified!) about how in the world they will organize their new place?

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Good Questions

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