Delicious Desserts: Play Food for Kids with a Sweet Tooth

My stomach is growling just looking at this array of sweets! Add some deliciousness to your child's play kitchen with one of these scrumptious desserts — just as good as the real thing! (Well, almost…)

1. Chocolate cake rolls by ThePixiePalace, $7

2. S'mores by Kklaus, $15

3. Eclair by PetitsCadeaux, $12

4. Ice cream set by EvaLauryn, $95

5. Cinnamon rolls by Littlepicklepotamus, $16

6. Creamsicle by mamamayberrys, $20

7. Bakery in a Box by MamaMayl, $65

8. Chocolate covered strawberries by feltplayground, $16.50

9. Donuts by CreationbyM, $16

10. Black and White Cookies by sweetemmajean, $19.99

(Images: as credited above)