Delicious Library

Delicious Library

May 10, 2007

Want to be able to peruse your media collection with a click of the mouse? Delicious Library is a MacOSX program that allows you to create a digital archive of your entire media collection. We ditched our jewel cases about a year ago and can appreciate the need for knowing where something is stored. For our small DVD collection, however, this is a bit of an overkill. However, if you need to know where things are, this could be a great way to organize things.

There are plenty of fun features to the program. We got sucked in by the ability to scan in your items by using your webcam as a way to read the barcode. We tried it out with a few new CDs we have recently brought into the house, and it wowed us. With a simple scan of the UPC, it enters everything you would want to know in a single glance. If you own a Mac, and are looking to catalog your collection (especially if you are going to toss all of your cases), we highly recommend this.

There are many other cool features, including your own virtual library where you can marked items as checked out (to friends and family), and be reminded when they've had things awhile. Head on over and download a trial copy to discover all that it can do.

Available here for $40.

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