Dell Datasafe

Dell Datasafe

Jun 28, 2007

File backup for most people involves purchasing some sort of external hard disk that they can sync with their desktop or laptop so that duplicate files can be recovered should their main computer go down. Unfortunately, with the external hard disk solution there is always the possibility that the backup drive can fail while for some having to manage another device, as simple as it may be, is just too much hassle. For those of you that fall into the latter category, Dell's new DataSafe backup plan may be a nice alternative.

Dell plans to give 3 or 10 GB of online backup capacity (depending on the system purchased) to every new Dell owner with additional space available for purchase. The nice part about this service though comes when you buy your next computer from Dell. Assuming that you have been using DataSafe for regular back ups of your previous computer, moving all your files from your old system to your new one will be a simple synchronization.

-via Engadget

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