Dell's Studio One: An iMac Competitor?

Dell's Studio One: An iMac Competitor?

Range Govindan
Mar 12, 2009

I've always thought that all-in-ones are perfect computers for users having to deal with smaller spaces. Students and even multimedia artists work with iMacs. This means that having all of the tech in one sleek package is attractive to users. Personally, I've always liked having a separate machine. It makes things easier to upgrade. However, with laptops becoming the norm, it's easy to see why the all-in-one computer is becoming more and more popular. Most manufacturers now make an all-in-one, but not all of the them are equal. Dell has just announced their new Studio One all-in-one, which will be released shortly.

The new Dell Studio One is going to be available sometime in the coming weeks in the US. However, it will be launched this month in Japan. It's true that space is limited in Japan, so you'd expect all-in-ones to be pretty popular, but since Apple has trouble moving their iPhones over there, I wonder how well iMacs do? One thing that will please users is that you can customize the bezel to any number of different options. Personally, I don't find it very attractive, but I can see how others might.

Spec-wise, the only thing that really sounds interesting, and makes it different from an iMac, is the possibility of having a touchscreen. This means that the touchscreen is actually made to compete with HP's Touchsmart computer, which we really like. The only problem is that the Studio One's display is only 19". That's pretty small considering that the Touchsmart is available in 25.5" and the iMac at 24". In the all-in-one market, it's all about the display screen, since you can't really upgrade it. Prices start at $700 but it will become quite pricey if you include all of the bells and whistles.

HP Touchsmart
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