(Image credit: Maharam)

Wallpaper's been making a bit of a comeback in the past few years, which has resulted in an explosion of new designs, many of which are breathtakingly beautiful. I've rounded up 11 of my favorites here. A few of them are quite pricey, but the good news is that with one of these on the walls, you won't have to worry much about the rest of the room — since no one will be able to look at anything else.

Above: 'New World' wallpaper installation by Maharam.

(Image credit: Flat Vernacular)

'Levante' wallpaper in Empress Green from Flat Vernacular, $175/roll.

(Image credit: House Beautiful)

This bedroom from House Beautiful features Fornasetti's Nuvolette wallpaper, which is available from Cole & Son.

(Image credit: Desire to Inspire)

Even limited to an accent wall, this bold geometric wallpaper from Minakani Lab transforms a dining room spotted on Desire to Inspire.

(Image credit: Calico Wallpaper)

This gorgeous white and gold wall covering is a design called 'Wabi Cloud', from Calico Wallpaper.

(Image credit: Lemon)

'Botany' wallpaper by Lemon.

(Image credit: Eskayel)

'Culebra Cubic' in lavender, from Eskayel.

(Image credit: Calico Wallpaper)

Here's another design from Calico Wallpaper, this one in a soothing blue.

(Image credit: Desire to Inspire)

This British home spotted on Desire to Inspire sports Ellie Cashman's 'Dark Floral' wallpaper.

(Image credit: Timorous Beasties)

This lovely watercolor inkblot print is from Timorous Beasties.

(Image credit: Timorous Beasties)

Also from Timorous Beasties is this fantastic, oversized jungle print — perfect for taking an ordinary room to a different place entirely.