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Design Idea Book
Author: Karen Templer
Publisher: Oxmoor House, 2007
Price: $22

Rating: Weak Recommend* from Denise G. (an AT reader and volunteer tester)

Short version:

"I did enjoy parts of the book. It just didn't really capture my interest or fire my imagination...."

(This is from our guest tester, Denise, who won this book with her great comment in this post. Thanks, Denise!)

Long version:

"The front and back covers the "Design Idea Book" are colorful and interesting. In between are nestled a few 'fun' guest cottages or 'whimsy' rooms. I enjoyed all of these. But for my taste, there were far too many 'perfect' rooms in shades of beige.

Each set of pictures has a paragraph describing their styling. There are a dozen pages in the back, discussing color, flooring, wall treatments, etc, each having a dozen alphabetized points . I felt the information was sparse and superficial. I did enjoy parts of the book. It just didn't really capture my interest or fire my imagination.

The cover led me to expect more lively designs than I found inside. When one looks at page after page of muted colors, they tend too mesh together and the design touches get lost. This is what happened whenever I looked at this book, one page washed into the next.

This book is probably more suited to those with larger homes, than to me, the apartment dweller. I have been spoiled by 'Apartment'. To me there are a great many more ideas perusing a single day here, than in the whole of the "Design Idea Book"."

- Denise G. (an AT reader and volunteer tester)

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